Sunday, October 31, 2010

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (but mainly Truthiness) -Diary of events 10/29/10

***I'll be posting what I did/experienced by day. Otherwise you poor bastards would be reading a book.***

10/29 (Boston)

My trip began earlier this morning on a bus headed down to "my city", Boston. Upon asking a guy if I could sit down next to him, the guy said "Sure you can! You're pretty cute."...uh...ok...? He was kind of a creeper, lol, little bit sketchy, but I had a good conversation with him. He was headed to East Boston to help his brother out of a court situation, from what I gathered.

While waiting for my train, I bought a book that isn't due to be on store shelves until next week. When I arrived at South Station and began to read it, and older man sitting at the table next to mine spoke up and said, "Nora Roberts...? J.D. Robb? She's freakin' aweseome, read some of her 'In Death' series." I glanced at him, kind of shocked that a fifty or so year old man would readily admit to reading a series of novels written by an author known more for writing romance than anything else. "Oh yeah!" He replied enthusiastically to  my glance. " 'Visions in Death', that one was pretty good! It's pretty cool that she writes all her books to take place in the future."
"Have you read the whole series...?" He shook his head.
"Nah, no time. Want to though."
 I grinned.
"Well sir, I have to're the first man I've ever met that has freely admitted to reading Nora Roberts," I replied dryly. He grinned back.
"Can't help it. they're frigging good."
A shame he wasn't going down to the rally; I would have loved to have had a more in depth conversation with him about books.

Guy flips the fuck out at one of the food vendors, apparently bent out of shape they didn't have his food done before his train was supposed to leave. Surprisingly, he doesn't get forcefully escorted out of South Station, but does get plenty of 'WTF' and 'You sir, are full of crazy' looks. Also, woman suffering from Schizophrenia tells unsuspecting couple about demon babies in their strollers that don't want to live in the country. "No one wants to live in this fucking country!" She yells. Awkward glances to others and silent laughter ensues.

Met two women on board the train- they're awesome! Both are going to the rally (many on the train are, as it turns out) so it should be full of epicness. One is from my state, and the other in a native of Massachusetts. So far, we are getting along great. :)

Just leaving Providence, Rhode Island. Turns out a lot of us had the same idea - to take the overnight train down to DC and take the latest train out Saturday night to avoid forking over more money for a hotel. More people are going than I expected - one guy is dressed up as Waldo, and I expect he may be difficult to find in the crowds that are expected. (Sorry, no photo.)

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