Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dead Space: Martyr (book review)

I first saw this book on the Visceral Games' merch webpage, and at 416 pages, this books is definitely no pushover.

It tells the story behind Unitology, or to be more precise the story of Unitology's founder, Michael Altman. It begins when people end up finding a pulse signature from the middle of a crater in the ocean, and goes from there. If you have any experience with the Dead Space series at all, you know it can't be good, and it isn't, as members of a scientific/military team find the Black Marker in the dead center of the crater. From there, all Hell breaks loose.

I bought the book online through Amazon Kindle ($9.99) and so far it's been a pretty fast-paced read. If you're a fan of Dead Space or of the Survival-Horror Game genre, check it out.

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