Monday, October 11, 2010

Meaning of Happiness

What does it truly mean to be happy...? The old saying is that 'money can't buy you happiness', but who among us hasn't breathed a sigh of relief when paying off a huge bill or student loan, or been sad when buying the DVD/Video game we've been wanting for awhile? In my opinion, the saying is bullshit, especially nowadays with the economy down the tubes.
I know for a fact that when I show up in DC on the 30th to see Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, I'm going to be happy. While I've seen Jon before, I haven't seen Stephen and this will be my first trip to DC, so it should be pretty sweet. However, I will have spent 100.00+ dollars to see them, but to me it's worth it.
This post probably didn't make any sense, but since I've been up since 2 yesterday afternoon, I don't care, lol. Feel free to comment on what YOU think it means to be happy.

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