Saturday, November 27, 2010

New Job - first week

So far, it hasn't been too bad. I ended my last shift of the first week a couple of hours ago, and I have to say it was both what I was expecting to do and what I wasn't expecting, if that makes any sense at all. Everyone that I will be working with seem to be pretty nice so far, so I think it's going to work out ok. I will tell a short story though.
On my way to work Wednesday, my GPS decided to send me all back roads to the site I was working at for the day. So it sends me on this "road" which is actually not a road but more of a goddamned goat path in the middle of frigging nowhere. Jesus Christ. If I had been driving a car I would have been so incredibly, but since I drive a Jeep it was ok. :) It didn't keep me from repeating "Oh my God, oh my God" over and over Going over boulders and 1-2 feet drops in the middle of a "road" is not my idea of a GPS doing it's job. ;)

Anyways, I hope everyone had a good holiday. Sorry for lacking with the blog posts, if you're following my tea blog, I should have a new post or two up tomorrow, but don't quote me on that. And if you're not following my tea blog but like tea, please do so. It would make me happy.


Classically Trained Nub said...

Sometimes, one must make their own road. Just be thankful you were in a jeep.

Telia Tuli said...

well said Nub