Saturday, April 28, 2012, part 2

yes, yet another post about the addiction known as This site has recently spawned a competitor, and has been able to secure support from record companies, as well as go worldwide (recent reports state that this worldwide takeover will take approximately two years), and yet there are many out there in the interwebs that has no idea a site like this exists (a recent visitor to a room I frequent stated that he'd only found out about turntable after searching for coding jobs on Google). The site has made some improvements and changes since I last talked about it - they've introduced "laptop stickers", added more songs to their library, changed their graphical look (slighlty), especially when checking out someone else's profile, and has supposedly decreased the loading time they have been struggling to deal with for the past year or so. Here's hoping for more improvements in the future :)

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Anonymous said...

Ah, and I just managed to ween myself off of this. It's calling me back.