Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Official - Verizon's Getting the iPhone

Specifically, the iPhone 4, which will retail between 199-299 depending on GB (16 and 32 respectively) for customers with returning contracts, or 599-699 if you buy it without finishing your current contract. Upside: Verizon customers FINALLY get their hands on an iPhone; downside: It won't be utilizing their LTE network, apparently because utilizing the fastest network would have resulted in design changes.

The iPhone 4 (Photo by Apple)

So...who's going to run out in February and get one?


Telia Tuli said...

not a big verizon fan.

Solsby Kid said...

I think im just gonna wait until next january when ill be getting my iphone 5! :D

Isaac said...

Already got one :) Cool blog followin'

Mr. Bloggity said...

still like android better!